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  • Care and living options for elders
  • Safety

    Preventing falls, safe living arrangements and assisted living ommunities; safe ambulation, care attendants as needed


    Includes adding care attendants for companionship into the picture, focus on self-care, continue wellness


    Involves social engagement and getting elders out of isolation, continued focus on physical and emotional wellness

    Empowering you for a better life


    Care Navigate

    help you navigate through the many health care options available when it comes to aging.

    Why Choose Us?

    The Reasons That You Should Contact Us


    Acquiring clients care priorities.


    Medical advocacy to better use your Medicare
    and healthcare.


    Bringing resources inside and outside the Medicare
    system to improve quality of life.

    Healthy living doesn’t have to be hard

    Changes are never easy, but you can trust Care Navigate  to help you find the best options given your circumstances. We know the model of care for age-related conditions, including pain, diseases, dementia and depression. Care Navigate can help you in your quest for a life care plan that meets your needs and life goals.

    Support for Big Decisions

    Life planning can become difficult when it may be time to discuss a new level of care for a loved one. Care Navigate can help you start the conversation by discussing choices…

    About The Owner

    Cynthia Seymour is an accredited Health Navigator, Memory Wellness Educator and Certified Nurse Assistant dedicated to helping elders access better care and achieve a higher quality of life…

    Revolutionizing Care

     Care Navigate is ready to help you when it comes to taking those next big steps in your care. You have a team when you’re ready to make life style changes…

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