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  • Care and living options for elders

    Families, Patients and Clients

    “Thank you for all your kindness and support during a very difficult time. It’s like we’ve entered a whole new life together. My wife’s pulmonary condition is under control; she’s no longer using a wheelchair; she’s walking and has her vitality back.”
    – Santa Rosa, Sonoma County couple

    “I never expected such a detailed Care Plan. It’s everything we need to know and think through today, next week and next month.”
    -Piedmont, Alameda County family

    “You addressed my immediate needs for maintaining my independence. Deeply grateful.”
    -San Diego County client and WWII Veteran with out-of-state children

    “Thank you so much for your help with my husband’s parental care options. He followed your advice and his father stayed in skilled nursing. Plus they hired a local case manager based on the resources you gave us. Such a life saver!”
    -Mill Valley, Marin County family caring for out-of-state parents

    “Thank you for expanding our views and for delicately introducing us to new ways we could better get care for our mom.”
    -Sebastopol, Sonoma County family

    “You showed us how to think outside the box instead of getting stuck and frustrated with our parent’s healthcare. We’re now selecting a primary care physician based on the directions you provided.”
    -Larkspur, Marin County family

    “Thank you for educating me on new options for assisted living. We found a lovely board and that served her needs and ours.”
    -Novato, Marin County family

    Healthcare Organizations:

    “You add credibility and your follow through is appreciated.”
    -Marin County Hospitalist Dr. Evelyn N

    “Cynthia, you’ve been inspiring and so valuable to some of our toughest patients.”
    -Dr. Johnathan C, Community Clinic

    Cynthia Seymour is an engaging, fun and creative facilitator! Audiences rave about her memory wellness classes and memory screenings! Cynthia is bilingual (Spanish) and easily builds rapport across cultures and groups. She is organized, smart, responsible and a real team player. We are so lucky to have Cynthia on the Senior Access team!
    -Dana, San Rafael, Marin Chief Growth Officer

    “Cynthia is knowledgeable about eldercare. She is sweet and a great listener. She knows how to coach seniors so that they can remain living independently. She understands what they need.”
    -Sunita, Senior Living Community

    “Cynthia, you’ve totally spoiled us.”
    -RN Laura C, Community Clinic

    “Cynthia, thank you so much for showing me how it’s done, and for helming me grow into the beginning of my medical career,”
    -Sean, Volunteer Corp

    “Cynthia, your enthusiastic and compassionate spirit sets you apart.”
    RN Sean, Health Clinic

    “You have built an amazing health navigation program. We have learned so much and given more. You have made your mark here, both with staff and providers, just as much with patients.”
    RN Stephanie, Clinic

    “Thank you so much for all you have done for the clinic.”
    -RN Kathleen