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  • Care and living options for elders
  • Transitions

    Avoiding The Landmines

    So your loved was hospitalized for surgery or serious illness. Now what? We help you minimize errors and create a smoother discharge process from hospital to facility to home.

    Facility to Home

    • Explain Medicare, what is covers, what it doesn’t so you can avoid the landmines
    • Evaluate skilled nursing and rehab options, other
    • Ensure home environment is safe and equipped with right level of care
    • Coordinate with case managers to confirm medications, medical equipment
    • Help you explore living options for short-term respite, recovery or long-term. Click here to go to the Living and Independence page.

    Moving to a New Home

    While we work with families to create solutions for elders to remain in their family homes for as long as possible, in some cases it may be beneficial to consider a move, another type of transition. Home transitions range from smaller home, subsidized senior housing, assisted living, or graduated living.

    Some triggers for living change include:

    • A larger home that is too much to care for or a two-story home that poses hazard
    • The need for more cash liquidity that is otherwise tied up in a home
    • Moving closer to children and grandchildren
    • The death of a spouse and desire for more socialization
    • Increased weakness and need for more care and medical attention