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    Support for Chronic Conditions

    What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. There’s mounting scientific evidence that staying fit, watching your metabolic weight, managing stress, and eating a Mediterranean diet rich in colorful vegetables, fruit and omega-3s, can all help protect your brain, heart and body from the ravages of time. Even small lifestyle changes in diet, sleep, and movement together with medication compliance can lead to better results in several chronic disease segments:

    More than one doctor has said if they can give one pill to treat all ailments it would be physical exercise. Even those elders facing disabilities or who are no longer walking might still do some form of seated exercise.
    While memory isn’t listed as a chronic disease, it is in the top 3 concerns for older adults, second only to cancer. There are many forms of dementia, not just Alzheimer’s. And memory loss can be caused by many factors such as an infection or other underlying medical condition.

    Cynthia is a memory wellness ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and has developed workshops in English and in Spanish to first conduct a preliminary and educational baseline of cognitive performance and develop a plan of action based on findings.
    Organizations and clinics interested in learning more about how to implement a program, please call or email.