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patient advocate

A Patient Advocate By Your Side


Stressed Out? 

Are You Juggling Family, Work and the Care

of A Family Member and/or Your Own Care?

Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Confused? 

You Need A Patient Advocate by Your Side to Help You Navigate the Healthcare Maze


patient advocate


  • Communicate, clarify, collaborate and liaison with providers re: your needs, preferences and concerns
  •  Research treatment options, specialists, programs and services
  • Assist with care coordination and transition of care medical services between hospital, home, outpatient and the community settings
  • Assist with the development of a personalized care plan
  • SSI/SSDI (Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Income) application assistance, review of eligibility requirements and documentation needs
  • Identify vendors and programs who can assist with accessibility needs for home modifications, transportation and medical equipment
  • Provide referral information on disability financial accounts creation for financing of disability needs
  •  Mass. Department of Developmental Services child and adult navigation, application assistance, review of eligibility requirements and documentation needs
  • Masshealth (Medicaid) disability product application assistance and research other state agencies which can provide services
  • Make inquiries with insurer as your authorized representative regarding benefit coverage and research questionable bills, review plan benefit summaries
  • Masshealth (Medicaid) and private insurance navigation. Assist with selection of insurance options, application assistance and inquiries
  • Research patient assistance programs which can provide financial assistance with the cost of treatment, copays and care for any uncovered costs
  • Assist with preparation of questions before appointments and communicate your priorities
  • Provide educational materials from credible sources, regarding your condition, medications and treatment to improve your health literacy
  • Create a care binder and organize medical records
  • Inform you of your patient rights
  • Document provider communications and provide a written summary
  • Clarify, review and confirm your understanding of the plan with you and your providers
  • Research social, recreational, housing, basic needs, financial assistance, transportation and community support programs
  • Research patient and charity foundations who can assist with needs and write request letter
  • Connect with community based organizations, state agencies and programs which can provide an additional level of  service support based on your individual needs
  • Identify patient online and in person support groups for emotional support specific to your condition
  • Connect to and research behavioral health outpatient and inpatient treatment programs, and community support programs
  • Research behavioral health coverage and contracted providers
  • Assist with access applications to state and local organizations which specialize in behavioral health services
  • Review college accommodation plans and liaison with college disability services regarding needs
  • Make recommendations to outside providers, programs or agencies which can provide an additional level of service support
  • Assist with special education school navigation of service eligibility and access for children, teens and young adults with disabilities and complex medical conditions
  • Review IEP, 504 accommodation plans and Individual Health Plans. Make recommendations for improvements
  • Make recommendations for referrals to providers, programs and outside agencies which can assist with in and out of school services
  • Assist with care transitions from hospital to school or school to hospital


Carenavigate helps patients and families access services and navigate healthcare, insurance, mental health, disability, community resources, special education and college disability systems.  Solutions are provided.

CareNavigate works with your team as a private patient advocate, to assist with information and coordination of needs. A roadmap is provided to your care journey.

The mission of carenavigate is to help patients and their families with making better educated and informed decisions regarding a personalized care plan.  

Broader information is presented in order to access care and achieve improved health outcomes and well being. Get the help you or a loved one needs to improve health and well being.  

Have peace of mind with a partner by your side. 


CareNavigate assists patients and family members caring for a loved one with complex medical, behavioral health, or disability needs.  We assist adults, young adults and families with children. 


The goal is to connect the unconnected puzzle pieces of fragmented care systems to integrate care so that you can achieve optimized quality of care and quality of life. Patient centered care and compassion are the core principles of our mission.


healthcare maze

 In the healthcare system maze of care, the plan of direction is not always clearly defined nor understood. CareNavigate co-pilots communications with you or your loved one, the patient pilot, and the care command center team to ensure direction for a smooth landing at each care stage destination.

CareNavigate is Here to Help You

Consider CareNavigate As Your Care Co-Pilot



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