patient centered care
Barbara is a skilled, experienced and tireless advocate for patient health. When I was going through a mental health crisis that resulted in my hospitalization, a crisis that included multiple panic attacks and an inability to sleep or to work, Barbara intervened to ensure that I received proper care, that my medical history was known, that my care team understood my needs, that my insurance company and employer were informed about what support I needed.

Barbara made sure that I was put in the right mental health facility to address my needs via a workable treatment plan. She facilitated a timely ER transfer to a treatment facility within 24 hr, when I was told I could be waiting in the ER for a week because there were no inpatient psych beds available.

With Barbara's help, I was also in a much better position to transition back to work and life post-hospitalization. She coordinated outpatient services for me while in the hospital when my treating facility was not as responsive.

In fact, since that hospitalization, I haven't experienced another panic attack or mental health episode and even started my own business.

Barbara is determined, persistent, and is a relentless skilled caring advocate and I'd recommend her without hesitation to any patient or patient family that needs healthcare advocacy during any health crisis. Her intervention definitely helped drive a better health outcome for me.
My elderly father had a medical emergency that turned into months of hospital stays and rehab. Dealing with the medical bills and insurance coverage was overwhelming.
Exacerbating the situation was the added challenge that we were trying to manage the issues remotely due to Covid restrictions. My family was overwhelmed and felt lost and helpless when claims were denied over and over by the insurance companies. I felt like everyday we were playing a game of whack-a-mole! We were naive when it came to circumventing the system to get my dad the care he needed.

Barbara stepped in and stepped up! She knew how to get the information we needed and put us in touch with people that could help. With her help, we saved thousands of dollars and got much needed care and assistance for my dad that would have otherwise been disregarded due to financial burdens.

She has gone above and beyond all of our expectations, working long and odd hours, to help get my dad the coverage he needed.

Barbara made an incredible difference. I cannot thank her enough for the help and guidance she has provided during this emotionally draining time for our family.
Barbara is a wealth of information when it comes to navigating insurance and Masshealth as well as other sources. I contacted her for help when I have needed help with my children who both suffer with mental illness. She has always pointed me in the right direction and has helped me fill out paperwork. She always has suggestions for supporting people for both me and my daughters. I am so grateful for all her knowledge. She is a god sent.
Barbara went above and beyond to help my son who has several complex medical conditions. She helped us navigate insurance so my son could get physical therapy and more nursing hours. She connected our family with a private insurance case manager and helped us access transportation back and forth to the doctors when I was at work. She provided information on future planning resource information for disability needs and assisted with communicating home modification programs and DME. Barbara provided excellent quality service and I highly recommend her to any family dealing with complex medical conditions.
Barbara helped my son, who has complex medical needs, get a wheelchair ramp, made recommendations to specialists informed me of accessibility options to make my home more accessible, and helped with recommendations for services with my son's IEP development.

She also secured a probono special education lawyer and advocate to assist with school placement. Without Barbara's help, my son would have not been able to move forward with his needs and from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for Barbara's help.
I am so grateful for Barbara's support. She supported me and my son, who has several severe medical conditions. She helped me navigate insurance, hospital care, in home nursing care, and connected my son to disability services. She has a special place in my heart and I don't know what I would do without her help.
I am writing this note on behalf of Barbara, a dedicated patient advocate. We first met her at a time when we were at our wit's end and I felt that my stress level was causing me to be unable to get our seven year old son the help he needed. Everything was just not working right. My little guy was struggling at school, at home and in the community.

School didn't seem to support his disability, his soccer coach didn't know how to handle his behaviors and at home we felt like our whole family life revolved around his daily moods and worried about the negative effects on the other children.

She helped me navigate the confusing world of insurance coverage, provided many helpful resources on programs and services available in our area, and was our lifeline to opening up the possibility of having a healthy family unit.

We are so grateful to have found Barbara!
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